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LEFPD Jazia Sheitier

Jazia Sheitier

Dr. Jazia Sheitier holds a bachelor's degree in Law and a Masters degree in Criminal Law from the University of Garyounis. She has a PhD in Criminal Law from Ain Shams University with a doctorate thesis that focused on criminal policies against the genetic engineering of the human race. She held multiple positions at the Benghazi University including Assistant Professor, Dean of the Criminal Law Department, head of the council responsible for the permanent investigations and other councils at the University.
She is a member of the committee for the review of legislation and laws related to women since 2016. She is also a member of the committee in charge of the preparation of the draft amendment to Law no. 9 of 1968 on the protection of copyrights. She is a member of the research team working on calibration of the draft Libyan constitution and a member of the legal team researching the role of law in national reconciliation.
Previously, she held the position of Dean of the Faculty of Law from January 2014 to March 2015. Shortly after in May 2015, she assumed the position of Vice Dean for the Scientific Affairs department at the Faculty of Law till October 2017.  
Dr. Sheitier is currently the Vice President, Centre of law and Society Studies at the University of Benghazi. She is also the author of several publications on women’s rights and fighting terrorism in Libya.

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