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The Libyan Expertise Forum for Peace and Development was formed to ensure that Libyans have a strong voice in determining their future. The LEFPD brings together expertise from different fields, and from different Libyan regions. The group aims to contribute to the rebuilding of the Libyan state through a bottom-up model that emphasises decentralisation and local governance as well as citizenship and human rights. It aims to achieve its goals through an inclusive, knowledge-based approach that prioritises democratic dialogue, wide participation, and positive communication.

The group has a vision of a new peaceful and prosperous Libya built on equal citizenship, broad inclusivity, wide participation, and effective institutions. This requires fostering solidarity, nurturing community participation, and decentralising power to and strengthening the organs of local governance. In addition, the group seeks to promote the following co-existence, tolerance, respect for diversity and the rejection of exclusion, hatred and violence; social peace and national reconciliation; and better governance, transparency and accountability.

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