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LEFPD Abdelbari-Shinbaro

Abdelbari Shinbaro

Abdelbari Shinbaro was born in Tripoli in 1968. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in computer programming and a Master in Business Administration, specialising in “electronic systems” both from University of Tripoli.

He has worked in the field of software and institutional development in the private sector. He also contributed to the establishment of the Ministry of Local Government in 2012, where he was Director of the Municipal Affairs Department until 2015 and Undersecretary in the Government of National Accord, then Minister in charge, from 2016 - 2021.


He has also worked with several international organisations in the field of governance and local development. He was Director of the Badir Project for Entrepreneurship and Future Leaders at the Telecom Holding Company Memberships and initiatives, Member of the United Cities and Local Governments Organisation (UCLG), and member of the Economic Track Committee emanating from the political dialogue. He chairs and is a member of several committees concerned with decentralisation and institutional development.

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